Click here to read the five student-nominated, editor-selected poems from
the Class of 2012 -- featured with a poem by former U.S. Poet Laureate Billy Collins!

Anonymous A. / Epiphany
Eliza A. / The Beach
Hanna A. / Extinguished Hopes
Morgan A. / Financial Collapse
Nick A. / Poetry
Keaghan Adley / You Want Seconds
Ali Afridi / Cricket the Best Sport of All
Rachael Amos / ONE WAY STREET
David An / Requiem for the Forgotten
Chris Appelman / I Cheated On Pikachu
Stephanie Atwood / Hidden Turmoil
Elizabeth B. / An Afternoon Drive
Josh B. / My Snack-Time Madness
Leah B. / Hardiness, Purity, and Vigilance
Nathan B. / Arlington Reservoir Dam
Patrick B. / Life as a Teenager
Rebecca B. / Fire
Sarah B. / King Of All Days
Jonah Bader / The Ubiquitous Storm
Timothy Bagby / The Winter Pond
Trijit Banerjee / A Screaming Match (As my Birthday Present)
Michele Barnes / Remember Me
Michelle Batho / Refrigerator Haiku
Andrew Beaulieu / Could I?
Ronald Beaulieu / Speaking Mirrors
Ryan Beers / Friday Afternoon
Carina Belvin / The Mighty Hunter
Rami Benayad-Cherif / Life to Flight
Anna Berman / I’m Tired
Sophia Bernitz / Monster of the Morning
Oscar Bian / The Summit
Kaleigh Bisconti / The Mountain
Jordan Blackington / Central Park
Ross Bloomfield / A Reverse Accident
Abigail Bokun / Tomorrow Never Comes
Hyun Yung Boo / Five Red Flowers
Leith Boutiba / Midnight Ingenuity
Victoria Brackett / Love is like Air
Isabella Brandao / Flashing Lights
Jon Bristow / Battleship
Hannah Brown / I am From...
Ryan Brugger / Broken Ulna
Allison Bukys / why words?
Kate Burke / Woes of a Wise Fool
Patrick Burns / Chocolate Chip Cookies!
Drew C. / No Ordinary Sight...
Elaine C. / All My Fault
Emma C. / The Beach
Hweedo C. / Heartbeat
James C. / My Ode To Dad
Sam C. / Staple Remover
Sean C. / Tell Me
Sydney C. / The Great Wall
Taylor Campbell / Nothing At All
Marissa Chaffee / My Place
Carolyn Chang / The Beauty of Rain
Jaeho Chang / True Beauty
Yongjin Andrew Chang / Underneath the Evergreens
Emily Charlton / A Harmless Spring Day
Brittany Chen / A Beautiful Spring Day
Maya Cherayil / I Don't Think So.
Otari Chipashvili / Fresh Start
Benjamin Chomitz / My Old House
Nancy Chomitz / Automatic Writing
Samantha Chung / Sound of Loneliness
Bennett Clifford / School Day
Nathan Coburn / Back on the List
Z. Cohen / Mail Collection
Charlotte Cohn / Footsteps
Noah Coolidge / Still Improving
Laura Copeland-Clarke / The Apology
Gabi Cortez / Home
Dan Coste / Success
Catherine Costello / The Adrenaline Rush
Meghan Crocker / A Life in Flames
Jake Curran / The Cottage
Bria D. / The Mall
Brian D. / The Goal
Danielle D. / Childhood Nightmare
Marissa D. / Blue Eyes
Taher Dahleh / untitled
Erin Darabant / Meeting Grandpa
Danica Davis / Strokes of a Water Bug
Betsy Day / Grandparents' House
Katy DelGreco / Never Let Down
Lilit Derkevorkian / Obsession with Technology
Nicole Desimone / Thank You
Caroline Desmond / Cape Cod
Melanie Deutsch / Rapid Fire Smile
Spero Dimas / Bulletproof?
Sage Dumont / Summer Longing
Ben E. / When the West Wind Blows...
Tzeidel E. / The Pond
Rebekah Estrada / Hometown
Nick Ettlinger / Untimely
Brian Evans / Hotel Buffet
Fiona Evans / All Varieties of Music
Jeremy F. / The Never Dream
Julia F. / You’re Dead. I’m sorry?
Matt F. / Ebb and Flow
Shane F. / My Dream
Taylor Fabricant / One Week
Leyla Farhat / California
Emma Feinberg / Sundays Past
Sara Feldman / Sample Space
Julia Fernandes / Autumn
Caroline Fitzgerald / Beneath the Sea
Emily Foley / Invincible
Allison Forlenza / Fireworks
Catherine Forman / My Dear, City
Adam Forstall / 72 Black and White Keys
Michelle Foss / Drifting Away to Cali
Nicole Foss / Life is a Song
Sarah Foster / For the Tenth Time Today
Rachel Frank / The Haven
Grant Fries / Funeral
Courtney G. / His Permanent Absence
Katharine G. / Living On the Line
Susmita G. / Late Night, Early Morning
Rebecca Galin / The Innocence of a Young Blond Boy
Clare Garberg / Within Reach
Tom Garrity / Reflections
Kyle George / Fowl Play
Vassilis George / Greece
Josh Gilbert / The Leopard
Dan Gleyzer / Sense of View
Danny Godwin / A Dream from God
Andrew Goulet / Sailing Dreamward
Jenna Grady / Three Weeks’ Rain
Marina Griner / Wrinkles
Matthew C. Gschwend / Talking With Waffles
Jillian Guerra / Dreamless
Dena Guo / Too Late, Boy
Alex H. / Look Down
Maylin H. / Sailing
Vicky H. / Snap
Takara Hamilton / Pretty Penny
Anthony Han / Music Room
Siena Hancock / Halfway
Richard Hao / I'm Sorry
Emma Hede-Brierley / Footsteps
Abigail Heingartner / The Artist
Katrina Heinrich / Falling
Selene Hewes / Pounding Rain and Pounding WInd
Joe Higgins / Off Season
Aubrey Hitchcock / Dancing Leaf
Aara Holtzclaw / Right Side Of Your Brain _
Stephanie Hom / STOP CHEMO
Yusheng Hou / Endless Chess Wars
Kristin Hsieh / The Visionary
Colleen Hughes / Velvet
Heewon Hwang / Memories
Marcos I. / The Answering Machine
Alexa Indeck / Forgotten
Siffat Islam / The Lost Life
Aditi J. / Ode to the Menace
Steve J. / NY
Lauren Jackson / The Dance of the Storm
Susan Jacob / A Supplication to the Moon
Anubhav Jain / Snow
Sam Jandl / Always Be
Brian Jin / Distant
Luke Johnson / Weiguk Saram
Max Jung / The Rocking Chair
Alissa K. / August Beauty
Caitlin K. / Roots
Devon K. / The Christmas Ornament
Korey Kajko / My Bad
Judith Kan / Morning Awakening After Lloyd Schwartz’s “Nostalgia”
Louisa Kane / Found Poem
Varsha Kannan / Summer, Halfway Across the World
Tim Keegan / Do You Remember?
Hannah Keohane / Reasons I Love Summer
Sarah Kimball / A Summer Day
Kai Kitayama / A Joy Forgotten
Nicholas Kolibas / My Elephant
Jake Kreider / The Room
Nisa Kridaratikorn / No Longer
Andrew Kuida / Happiness
Igor Kuzovkin / The History of America
Danielle L. / The News
Julia L. / Chinatown
Katherine L. / Wall Ball
Kathleen L. / Reactive
Caleb L-B / Writer's Block
Erica Laurenzi / Love is a Rose
Daniel Lee / The Blouse
William Lehman / Always the King
Derek Leung / The Horror of Sunday Night
Jess Levenson / Greener Pastures
Isaac Levien / The Audition
Joy Li / The Darkest of Dreams
Mina Li / Her Bloodstained Hands Become Mine
Jenny Liu / Neighbor
Vinson Liu / Bedroom
Sarah Lockwood / Blue Comfort
Michael Loughlin / The Flag
Andrew Lu / It's My Last Piece
Douglass Luo / From Kids to Kings
Lavi M. / Biking
Sophie M. / Downhill
Cody Ma / Betrayal
Mitchell Ma / A place of Peace
Rie Maeda / Billy Goat's Bridge
Liora Mael / Caleb the Cat
Nicole Maher / A Silent Suffering
Alex Mak / The Bus Stop
Natalie Martell / Treasure
Michela Masson / Halloween
Shannon Mccarthy / Forgive the Disruption
Max Mcdaniel / Basketball
Andrew Mcgeown / When there is doubt
Catherine Medlock / Perception Poem
Nandi Mehta / A National Final
Corey Michon / Closing Night
Thomas Mielewczyk / White Branches
Maria Milendorf / Where is He?
Zoe Miller / Beast
Timothy Mock / Upon The Clouds
Diana Mojahed / My Computer
Valerie Morrill / Winter Madness
Gregory Muir / The Hill
Afrah N. / Goodnight
Caroline N. / Missing Element
Samoni Nag / Waukewan
Sushawn Nag / From the Top of St. Mary’s Tower
Emma Nichols / Rachael
Aidan O. / My Monday Morning
Forest O'Donoghue / Snow to Sky
Stephen O'Neil / Under the Works
Alice O.S. / Depth Perception
Jacqueline Oram / Sweet Disaster
Kyle Oye / Desert Haiku Set
Alex P. / Volleyball
Anika P. / A Saturday Morning
Jessica P. / Scars
Leigh P. / Perfect Place
Myles P. / Climbing
Scott P. / School
Tien-Hsin Ariel Pan / Death to Life
Kevin Park / Perfection?
Casey Patch / Why do I swim?
Samir Pathan / The Gridiron
Jacob Paulson / Waiting Horn
Romain Peallat / Break Time
Joshua Pickar / What Do You See?
Roldyne Pierre Louis / I Will Overcome
Lyn Pinkus / A Product of Sixteen
Aaron Plosker / Ultimate
Mark Pronchick / What is Dr. Pepper?
Jesse Pryor / Faces
Ashton R. / Soaring
Ramya Ramakrishna / Phantom Ship
Mallika Rangan / Dear Mr. Red Auerbach
Lauren Ransohoff / The Mime
Leah Reece / The Unneeded Sweatshirt
Rebecca Reibstein / Old Rope Swing
Garfield Riley / Back To The End
Nick Riselli / Brain Freeze
Zack Robbins / The Dream
Shayna Rubenstein / Dreamsequence
Alicia Russo / Light-Years Away
Abby S. / Her
Andrew S. / Summertime
Arianna S. / Ropeswing
Bronwen S. / I am From
Cullen S. / Predator vs. Prey
Matt S. / Curfew
Nathan S. / Sunlight
Pathik S. / Lest we Forget
Sridhar S. / What a Year Really Is
Avdeep Sahi / Concussion
Freydon Salem / Not the First Time
Alaina Salusti / The Endless Dream
Ava Sanayei / My Mommy #2
Thomas Schaffner / Trinidad
Daniel Schlosser / Verticality
Nicole Shalpak / Healing Process
Lambert Shao / Happiness, when spelled with just an I
Christopher Shaw / Visions of the Future
Ajar Siddiqui / Getting Back Up
Jussi Silliman / Sun, It rises
Danielle Silverman / Dream for the Future
Chelsey Smith / Chelly's Dream
Daniel Snyder / Learning How to Bat
John Srour / I’m Sorry I didn’t do my Homework
Noah Star / Caged
Raymond Stebbins / I am from....
Alison Stein / The Ring
Margo Stokes / Nightmare City
Rachel Stone / Ocean
Rahul Sujanani / Growing Up
Andrew Swanson / My Life: A Road Map
Krista Swanson / The Irony of Batman
Alison T. / Running
Dan T. / Never Lasting Seasons
Mitch T. / Duracell
Reggie T. / Everything Has Changed
Kevin Tan / Name: Unknown
Shen Tang / Fall
Elise Tiani / Dear Clifford,
Kendra Tiani / I Don't Know
Phoebe Troll / life cycle
Emily Tso / The Girl with the Orange-Red Hair
Nominerdene Tumennasan / Spin Faster and Faster
Kelly Turk / What I Do and Don't Know...
Jason Tzannes / The Greatest Feeling
Danielle V. / Italia
Martin Van Mierlo / Reach Out
Annika Voss / Return to Me
Amelia W. / Confusion
Chris W. / Wonders of Niagra Falls
Christopher W. / The Ominous Suprise
Emily W. / Second Home
Kathryn W. / A Night At The Garden
Lisa W. / Herkimer Diamond Hunting
Rachel W. / Early Morning
Bronwyn Wada-Gill / Brilliant Gone Stupid
Rachel Wagner / Summer
Emily Walker / Water Music
Nicole Walsh / A Hospital Reality
Leighanne Wang / Like the Angels Dance
Tobin Waters / Anything is Possible
Tova Weinronk / A Rain Drop
Kevin Wen / A Day Away
Olivia Wendel / Blossom
Brittany Williams / The Tight Genetic Bond
Derek Winton / The Foothills of England
Kenneth Wong Labow / This Calling
Zoe Wood / East End
James Wouralis / The Game Winner
David Wu / Euphoria
Joe Xu / The Caribbean Waters
Alex Y. / Ache.
Keith Y. / Forgive Me
Stephanie Y. / Backyard
Andrew Yang / Instant Oats
Victor Yang / My Dreams
Alexander Yared / Fall of the King
Lauren Yates / The Only
Sarah Yoon / Aging
Helen Z. / The Middle of Nowhere After Lloyd Schwartz’s “Nostalgia”
Sijia Z. / A Moment to Hold
Connor Zanin / The River
Amy Zhang / Carnival
Timothy Zhu / Twin Brothers
Rebecca Zola / For The Record




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